What You NEED to Know About Plan C

What is Part C?


Medicare Part C is additionally alluded to as “Medicare Advantage.” Medicare Part C is offered just by privately owned businesses with a Medicare contract. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, the plan will give Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance).


What Does Part C Cost?

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Today, numerous Medicare Advantage Plans are wiping out their month to month premiums. Corresponding to the expulsion of premiums, the out-of-stash costs for these plans are ordinarily lower than the out-of-take costs in Original Medicare (4). There are different out-of-take costs related with different Medicare Advantage Plans, so it’s imperative to do your exploration. Your out-of-take costs for Medicare Part C are subject to (1):


If the plan charges a month to month premium.


If the plan pays any of your month to month Part B premium.


If the plan has a yearly deductible or any extra deductibles.


The charges for each visit or administration (copayments or coinsurance).


The sort of medicinal services administrations you need and how often you get them.


If you take after the principles of the plan, such as utilizing system suppliers.


If you require additional advantages and if any expenses are related to these advantages.


The plan’s yearly cutoff on out-of-stash costs for all your medical administrations.


If the Plan pays any of your Part B premium, otherwise called Part B Premium Reduction:


The Medicare Part B premium is secured for full Dual Eligible individuals


Premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may shift in view of the level of assistance got for Dual Eligible SNP individuals


What Does Part C Cover?


Keep in mind, everything that is secured by Part An and Part B is secured with a Medicare Advantage Plan. If you are secured by a Medicare Advantage Plan, you get coverage for all medically vital administrations, including crisis and critical care. Privately owned businesses that offer Medicare Part C typically have systems of specialists, and this may imply that you should see your plan’s specialists so as to get mind. When settling on your choice on Medicare Part C, it’s a smart thought to inquire as to whether the specialists close to your house are incorporated into their system.

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Except for hospice mind, Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover the greater part of the administrations that Original Medicare covers. Unique Medicare covers hospice mind regardless of whether you’re are enlisted in Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage Plans are not supplemental coverage.


At the point when Can You Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan?


Every year, there is a specific time when you can select in a Medicare Advantage Plan called the Annual Election Period. Get your day by day planner and Google Calendar prepared; the 2012 Annual Election Period is booked for October 15-December 7, 2011. Except for those recipients that end up qualified for an Initial Enrollment Period or Special Enrollment Period, this is the day and age that applies to you. The time allotment for the Annual Election Period is liable to change from year to year, so make a point to check for refreshes!

What are the Plus Points of Medicare Supplement Plans?

The plus points are the offered benefits that save us from the under righting conditions during our critical health situation. Let us see the best-offered advantages of the Medicare supplement plans.

Ensure Guarantee of Acceptance:

When you are requesting for having the Medicare supplement plan is surely be accepted even you are suffering from a health condition. The insurance company cannot charge more costs due to your health condition. When you had applied for the open enrolment period then you can apply for the supplement plan whenever you want.

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The Medicare supplement plan can be renewed easily without any cancelation by the company. The plans can be renewed automatically in the next coming year.

Protect from Large Medical Bills:

As you know the medical treatments are more expensive now. The Medicare supplement plan will help you to pay your large hospital bills without any burden because it will pay for you according to the approved Medicare services. The plan holder is only responsible for a few costs related his Medicare treatments and the others will be paid by the insurance.

Work outside the Country:

The Medicare supplement plan will help you to pay the treatment costs of any sudden accident or illness even when you are out of the country such as going for a trip or on a vacation.

Easy to Choose a Doctor:

According to the Medicare supplement policies you can get covered for the service that you have received from the doctor or hospital that accepts approved Medicare. So you can easily choose a doctor that is a participant in Medicare for having your treatment.

Variety of Plans and Standardized Schemes:

There are ten Medicare supplement plans that are highly standardized by the law and you can choose the best plan according to your requirement without any restriction. All plans cover the basic costs related with original Medicare and offer all the benefits of Medicare and their premium costs can be low or high according to the coverage of the plan.

Complete user Control:

As being a plan holder you have the authority to not only choose the desired plans but also you can add the additional plan with it such as the Medicare prescription drug plan. There is another benefit of control that you can easily change your plan. The insurance will provide you a trial period in which you have to use the new plan and then decide if the plan is good for you or not. When you find the plan useless then you can switch back to your previous plan easily.

So these are the benefits that make the Medicare supplement plans highly reliable for its users.


Medicare Supplement Plan, how does it work?

Medicare supplement plans or Medigap plans absolutely play the role of supplementing the Traditional Medicare benefits. These policies are known as Medicare Supplement Plans. However, you must have Original or Traditional Medicare enrolment to qualify for Medigap coverage and there is a requirement to stay enrolled in the Traditional Medicare for the medical and hospital coverage. The Medigap plans are not totally focused towards providing stand-alone benefits.


Few things to consider

  • The foremost about the Medicare supplement plans coverage is based on the state you are presently living in, the coverage may or may not be available for various reasons. This includes if you have not attained 65 years, have disability, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or end-stage renal disease. The states are not mandated to provide Medigap coverage to under 65 as beneficiaries. In case you are not enrolled in Traditional Medicare and are under 65 years, you may check with the insurance department of the state to find if you qualify for Medicare supplement plans enrolment.
  • Bear in mind that Part D is not included in the Medigap plans as it offers the coverage of prescription drug. Thus, if you are looking for medication costs, you may enroll as a Medication prescription stand-alone drug plan. Apart from this, you may use your Medigap to pay for the costs. The Medigap insurance covers the Original Medicare costs.
  • If there is original Medicare and also the Medigap, the first amount will be paid by Original Medicare and the cost gaps will be paid by the Medigap, the Medicare supplement plans. For instance, you have an ambulance bill of $5000 and the Part B Medicare deductible is already met means the Medicare Part B pays 80% ambulance bill. In case Medicare Supplement plans cover coinsurance and copayments costs part B, then Medigap policy pays 20% remaining coinsurance of ambulance bill for $5000. In fact, some may cover the deductible of Part B as well.

The coverage premiums and levels vary, but the benefits within a lettered category of each plan remain the same regardless of the location. For example, the benefits of Plan A are the same in Oregon and in New Jersey. In case a Medicare Supplement plan comprises of a certain benefit, it is 100% covered benefit, unless or otherwise specified.


Medicare Supplement plans some also cover:

  • Medicare Part A and B deductible
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency as per plan limits

What will a Policy Cost and how is it determined?

Premiums are set for each plan based on different factors. The more the benefits in a plan included means the premiums will be more. Thus, it is stressed that having a good coverage helps and it creates a safe state of mind. There may be times when you also consider why pay unnecessarily for the benefits you do not require? The answer is that right from Plan A to N there are different coverage offered in varying degrees and so selecting the right plan before shopping for quotes is essential.


There are factors determining the policy cost, apart from the benefits received as an addition offered. The Medicare Advantage plans or Medigap plans are sold and issued through private insurance companies such that each insurer is allowed on these policies to set rates. Thus, even if the benefits given are the same for each plan, despite the company or the provider from who you buy the Medicare Advantage Plans, the price must be checked upon. The price you pay may vary widely though the benefits stay the same. Thus, it is crucial to acquire multiple quotes prior to buying a Medicare Advantage policy.


The three key methods to determine the Medicare Advantage premiums include: https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/


  • Community-rated and not age-rated:  The premium calculation is as per the community-rated method of calculation. It is known as no-age rated as the premium charged monthly is similar to other policy holders, and not based on their ages. The plans premiums are community-rated and it means it does not escalate with their age. The plans premium surely rises with the inflation or other relevant factors.
  • Issue-age rated: An insurer pricing the coverage based on Medigap is issue-age or even the entry-age that determines the premium as per the age as you purchase initially the coverage. It is referred to as the plan time it was issued. The premiums are lesser usually with this pricing method on purchasing at an younger age a Medigap. However, the same premium goes up depending on the inflation or other factors.
  • Attained-age rated: The premium calculation is done employing the attained-age such that the insurers will base the premium of Medigap as per your current attained age. it means the premium shows the age attained and will start out with minimal premium for younger age policy holders and will increase as the individual becomes older.


Adding to the pricing premium methods, the factors have effect based on the marital status, geographical location, deductibles, discounts as per living conditions and underwriting medical status.


Exercises For Senior

Thinking of starting an exercise program when you are a senior, may seem daunting and getting started overwhelming. Doing some form of exercise can mean the difference of living a life of greater mobility or winding up having difficulty with walking, balancing and doing everyday chores and relying on someone for help. There are certain exercises that can keep a senior healthy and mobile.

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Sitting a great portion of the day can have a bad effect on a seniors losing a great deal of muscle essential for everyday living. With less muscle strength, there is a lot of weakness in all parts of the body. Doing some specific strength exercises will greatly increase muscle mass which is very beneficial to all ages. You will also increase bone density which decreases as we age, so we need to do some form of strength training to combat this problem.

Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching everyday can help increase and maintain full range of motion and keeps a body flexible. Even stretching before one gets out of bed in the morning can be very beneficial to a senior. Stretching two to three times a week is considered the minimum amount Dr. Mark Caruso recommends. This will also help with one’s blood circulation and help your joints to move more efficiently.

Cardio workouts

Doing cardio exercises every day is one exercise our hearts will benefit from. Even a walk for 30 minutes is beneficial. One can do this in one’s own neighborhood or walking on a treadmill at a gym. Brisk walking, gardening, climbing stairs are all cardio exercises to get ones heart pumping the blood throughout the body which will benefit the entire body. As we get older, our weight can go up and cardio training will also help keep your weight in check.

Exercise for better balance

As we age and use our muscles less than when we were younger, can have a crucial effect on our balance. It is known that seniors suffer many falls as they get older. By stretching the leg and hip muscles, one will increase their muscle mass and provide better balance.

Group exercise

Exercising in a group setting will have numerous benefits. Going to a group exercise will help to make new friendships and uplift the spirit of seniors. Seniors can exchange exercise tips and share their encounters, with the exercises they do, that have helped them. A social setting is also beneficial for a senior’s wellbeing and can be very uplifting for their emotional needs.




Switching from Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) Policies?

Having Medicare supplement plans, the Medigap insurance, do you now wish to consider changing the plan? In case you are convinced with the existing Medigap insurance plan, the best is to stay with the plan until the insurance company and coverage fulfils your needs.


However, if you are dejected with the costs or coverage offered by Medicare supplement plans, you may switch to a new insurance policy. For instance, you may switch for reasons such as:

  • Paying for benefits not or never needed.
  • Unsatisfied with the insurance company
  • Expect more benefits than the time you purchased the policy
  • Want a policy less expensive


Changing to another Medigap policy is also possible, if you qualify for guaranteed issue right on these reasons:

  • Losing coverage as your insurance company is out of business or bankrupt
  • You wish to cancel the policy as the company misled you
  • You want to cancel the policy as it is a fraud company


Can I switch?

Generally, switching Medicare supplement plans, the Medigap policies under federal law is not possible, unless you are in the open enrolment 6 month period or have as mentioned above about the guaranteed issue right.


Switching policy is totally impossible is not the truth. If your state or the insurance company is ready to sell Medigap policy, it is possible to change policies. The only thing is you should not have guaranteed issue or it should not be beyond the open enrolment period, though there will be a need for you to pay more or answer some questions before taking the new Medigap policy.

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After switching, if I dislike the new Medigap policy?

Switching or changing your mind and deciding to terminate or evoke the new Medicare supplement plans or Medigap policy can be done within a period of 30 days from the day of buying, if not happy with the policy. This period is referred to as free look period. This begins from the day you purchase the new Medigap policy.


Even if you wish to switch, keep the Medigap first policy unless you confirm decide having the new policy. Of course, keeping both means you have to pay premiums for both, but just for a month and it will be useful. This is because if you dislike the new policy, you can return it in the free-look period, within 30 days and can be safe with your old insurance plan.

Staying Young and Healthy

We all love to look younger and healthy for a long time and yet we do not have any option for it. Actually, there is no need to have a portion of it. Some regulations in our life can limit the process of aging and diseases. We will remain fit even in sixth and seventh decades of our life. But the fact is that we will become old, that is for sure. We shall discuss here how we can slow down the process.

First, we need to have a positive mental attitude. Yes, attitude plays an important role in the quest of staying younger. Most of us are either skeptical or become really surprised to learn this truth. It can do wonder if we need to remain young. The great anti-aging secret is that you may get better health that comes along with a positive attitude and the power of positive thinking.

Next comes the role of exercise. Challenging your body through different exercise programs will bring the benefit of remaining disease-free and mental high. Once you have started exercising, you will automatically start to take nutritious foods. This is probably one of the key aspects to staying young and healthy for a long time. The antioxidants from a balanced diet will keep the free radicals at bay, which are the most important culprit for premature aging. Enough antioxidants in your body will continuously create a well maintained immune system that will also keep a safe distance of your body from the diseases.

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Stress is another potent inducer of the aging process. Being stress-free is not possible altogether, but we can do something that will release stress from our mind. Relaxation techniques involve yoga and meditation. Try to be calm and cool in every situation. Smiling even at the very uncomfortable situation will help to reduce the stress. Moreover, smiling will tone up the face and the person will look much younger. The neurotransmitters released during smiling have a beneficial effect on the aging process.

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of looking younger is a healthy skin. Aging process and the pollution take their toll and the skin becomes wrinkled and lusterless. There are several herbal medicines and commercially available cosmetic products that can revitalize the skin and actually stop the wrinkle formation. But almost always they are much hyped and do worse. You need to buy a product that suits your skin type and has enough customer testimonials to prove their claim.

The motivation for being young and healthy is also equally important. We need to have a couple of minutes for ourselves and analyze the benefits of staying healthy for a long time. Then only we can gather the energy and ambition to achieve them. It is always better to be sanguine about those magnificent things that future has stored for us.




How to Find The Right Medicare Supplement Plan

A Medicare Supplement plan has a monthly premium and is in addition to the premiums paid for other Parts like A and/or B.  This plan is sold only by private companies that are licensed to sell it in any state.

What are the aspects of this plan that you do not understand? Gone are the days when we are limited to offline information. With the internet, you are going to get every answer you want within a short time. This is the reason why people can easily get a plan within a day or two.

A Medicare Supplement plan, to define it simply, is a plan that provides coverages that are in addition to – in other words, supplements – coverage provided by Original Medicare.  To understand Medicare Supplement plans better, it is worthwhile to understand some terminology used for Original Medicare.

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Original Medicare is a health plan that has two parts: Part A and Part B.  Part A covers expenses related to hospital stay, skilled nursing care beyond custodial care, hospice and home healthcare.  The premium for Part A ranges from nil to a value that is decided based on conditions like Medicare taxes paid for a specified duration.  Part B covers expenses such as doctors’ fees, laboratory tests and surgeries that do not require hospitalization; in addition, Part B covers expenses for preventive services like health check-ups and vaccinations.

When you have a health plan that you could fall back when you have retired or sick is one of your health responsibilities. Going into health care insurance is very necessary because it would help you financially when the need comes up. This covers all expenses that you may incur in your retirement or when you fall sick.

Medicare Advantage Plans, know the difference with plans

Medicare Advantage plans are in many kinds and are prominent as Part-C Medicare plans. The advantage is that the Medicare Advantage plans function as an alternative to A and B Parts of Medicare Traditional benefits. The Part-C Medicare offers similar coverage as you receive from the accepted Medicare, despite the hospice benefits, but that is obtainable from private insurance companies that are Medicare approved. There are many MA plans that shower benefits and they are much beyond the Original Medicare and they entail regular dental coverage or the prescription for drug coverage as service benefits.

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The common kinds of Medicare Advantage plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations, the Special Needs Plans, Private Fee for Service and Preferred Provider Organizations. There are plan options that are less common such as HMO-POS and MSA plans. However, also note that with plan the benefits vary and are plan-specific. Thus, it is crucial for one to compare the benefits of each plan and to identify the right one.


Medicare Advantage plans are provided by Medicare approved private insurance companies and there are difference in the plans and this includes the costs as well as the additional cover offered such as wellness coverage, dental, routine vision and hearing, to avail services. Each plan is different and so it is very important to confirm the plan you wish to choose is available in your area.


Is there difference with plans?

Medicare Advantage plans differ with each plan type and have different rules to acquire services. Some policies expect you to bring a recommendation from your main doctor to visit a specialist. If you fail to do so, the services offered by the specialist may not be covered fully. Likewise, in some types of plan, on receiving the services of health care from the providers beyond the network, the plan denies covering services or the costs as out of pocket may be higher.


Another disproportion is in paying for Medicare Advantage plans different medical services. Some are based on monthly premium apart from the regular Part B Medicare premium. Besides, the coinsurance, copayments and once a year deductibles also vary between plans. Regardless of the type of Medicare Advantage plans you have, you are expected to pay Part B Medicare premium.


It is best to compare the plans, keeping in mind your need for the health services types, taking into consideration the medications you take, how often and the amounts of coinsurance or copayment for services and drugs under different plans, before taking a final decision.