Exercises For Senior

Thinking of starting an exercise program when you are a senior, may seem daunting and getting started overwhelming. Doing some form of exercise can mean the difference of living a life of greater mobility or winding up having difficulty with walking, balancing and doing everyday chores and relying on someone for help. There are certain exercises that can keep a senior healthy and mobile.

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Sitting a great portion of the day can have a bad effect on a seniors losing a great deal of muscle essential for everyday living. With less muscle strength, there is a lot of weakness in all parts of the body. Doing some specific strength exercises will greatly increase muscle mass which is very beneficial to all ages. You will also increase bone density which decreases as we age, so we need to do some form of strength training to combat this problem.

Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching everyday can help increase and maintain full range of motion and keeps a body flexible. Even stretching before one gets out of bed in the morning can be very beneficial to a senior. Stretching two to three times a week is considered the minimum amount Dr. Mark Caruso recommends. This will also help with one’s blood circulation and help your joints to move more efficiently.

Cardio workouts

Doing cardio exercises every day is one exercise our hearts will benefit from. Even a walk for 30 minutes is beneficial. One can do this in one’s own neighborhood or walking on a treadmill at a gym. Brisk walking, gardening, climbing stairs are all cardio exercises to get ones heart pumping the blood throughout the body which will benefit the entire body. As we get older, our weight can go up and cardio training will also help keep your weight in check.

Exercise for better balance

As we age and use our muscles less than when we were younger, can have a crucial effect on our balance. It is known that seniors suffer many falls as they get older. By stretching the leg and hip muscles, one will increase their muscle mass and provide better balance.

Group exercise

Exercising in a group setting will have numerous benefits. Going to a group exercise will help to make new friendships and uplift the spirit of seniors. Seniors can exchange exercise tips and share their encounters, with the exercises they do, that have helped them. A social setting is also beneficial for a senior’s wellbeing and can be very uplifting for their emotional needs.